About us

Who we are ?

Serendute.com is a select shop from Japan that sells attractive and unique fashion from all over the world.

"Serendute" is a coined word that combines "serendipity" and "cute", and we named it with our desire to provide "encounter with cute clothes".

What can we offer?

Serendute.com is a select shop that offers encounters with unique and cute clothes.

We support women who want to wear their own clothes, not commercial fashion.

Our mission

To contribute to a world where each person can easily express their individuality.

A life in which you suppress your own beliefs and thoughts cannot be said to be truly alive.

To express your individuality, start with your appearance.

Express yourself freely by acquiring attractive and unique fashion that you think is really cute.

Let's jump out of the gray world of self-sacrifice into a colorful world of individuality.

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